Beğen Harika Heuheu WOW Olmamış Kızdım!

Hepimizin üzgün, umutsuz hissettiği zamanlar oluyordur, olmuştur. Bazıları, bu durumlarda acı temalı şarkılar dinlemenin durumun kötülüğünü körüklemek olduğunu düşünebilir ama bazılarımıza göre bu şarkılar bir çeşit dışavurum olduğu için rahatlatıcı bir etki gösterir. İşte sizin için seçtiğimiz on şarkı:

1. Jorja Smith – Don’t Watch Me Cry

I’m not crying ’cause you left me on my own
I’m not crying ’cause you left me with no warning
I’m just crying ’cause I can’t escape what could’ve been
Are you aware when you set me free?
All I can do is let my heart bleed

Şarkının audio versiyonu Youtube üzerinde bulunmuyor, dileyenler için Spotify:

2. The Pierces – Space & Time 

I can’t afford to watch you walk away
These games you play are bringing me down
If you could see all of this sorrow in me
I’ve got to believe you’d stick around

3. Panic! At The Disco – House Of Memories

Baby we built this house on memories
Take my picture now shake it till you see it
And when your fantasies become your legacy
Promise me a place in your house of memories

4. Placebo – Broken Promise

And I’ll find no solace
In your poor apology
In your regret, that sounds absurd
And keep singing

5. The Neighbourhood – Leaving Tonight

You fooled me from the start
When you let me start to love you
It’s like a bunch of broken picture frames
But the photo still remains the same

6. Adele – Turning Tables

So I won’t let you close enough to hurt me
No, I won’t rescue you to just desert me
I can’t give you the heart you think you gave me
It’s time to say goodbye to turning tables, to turning tables

Şarkının audio versiyonu:

7. Jaymes Young – Come Back For Me

I miss your frozen love too much
And I’d overdose from just a touch
So, baby don’t come back

8. Sam Smith – Nothing Left For You 

Cause I gave 
My heart 
To a goddamn fool
I gave him everything
Now there’s nothing left for you

9. Imagine Dragons – Bleeding Out

When the sky turns gray
And everything is screaming
I will reach inside
Just to find my heart is beating

Oh, you tell me to hold on
Oh, you tell me to hold on
But innocence is gone
And what was right is wrong

10. Bastille – Things We Lost In The Fire

I was the match and you were the rock
Maybe we started this fire?
We sat apart and watched
All we had burned on the pyre

Beğen Harika Heuheu WOW Olmamış Kızdım!


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