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18 Mayıs‘ta ikinci sezonu yayınlanacak Netflix‘in ünlü dizisi 13 Reasons Why‘ın yeni sezonundan ilk fotoğraflar yayınlandı.

<p>Following the announcement that Netflix will debut the second season of <a href=""><em>13 Reasons Why</em></a> on May 18, EW has an exclusive first look at the drama that awaits, which includes Clay talking to … Hannah?</p>

<p>A big part of the second season will be <a href="">the trial,</a> as Hannah’s parents go up against the high school. Many of the kids will be asked to testify, including Jessica.</p>

<p>The trial will put the Bakers in the spotlight as they try to get justice for their daughter.</p>

<p>Reminder: Mr. Porter listened to Hannah’s tapes and therefore knows all about Bryce. Could he end up playing a role in getting Justice for Jessica?</p>

<p>Tony is seen here with a new character, Caleb (played by RJ Brown), after something terrible happens to his beloved car. Between this image and the <a href="">teaser trailer</a>, we’re very worried about Tony.</p>

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Beğen Harika Heuheu WOW Olmamış Kızdım!


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