45 Yaşındaki İrlandalı müzisyen ve şarkı yazarı Damien Rice 1991 yılında “Juniper” isimli gruba katılarak başladığı müzik kariyerine, sonrasında solo olarak devam etmiştir. O (2002), 9 (2006) ve My Favourite Faded Fantasy (2014) olmak üzere üç albümü bulunan Rice, hüzünlü  şarkılarıyla kuşkusuz binlerce gönlü fethetmiştir.

Bu üç albümünden bahsetmeye ve keşfedilmeye değer birkaç şarkı sözünü sizler için sıraladık.

1. Cheers Darlin’ 

I die when he comes around
To take you home
I’m too shy
I should have kissed you when we were alone

2. Delicate 

So why’d you fill my sorrow
With the words you’ve borrowed
From the only place you’ve known?
And why do you sing Hallelujah
If it means nothing to you?
Why’d you sing with me at all?

3. My Favourite Faded Fantasy

You could be my favourite place
I’ve ever been
I got lost in your willingness
To dream within the dream

4. The Blowers Daughter 

And so it is
The shorter story
No love, no glory
No hero in her skies

5. Cannonball

Still a little bit of your song in my ear
Still a little bit of your words I long to hear

6. The Greatest Bastard

I helped you open out your wings
Your legs, and many other things
Didn’t I?

Am I the greatest bastard that you know?
The only one who let you go?
The one you hurt so much you cannot bear?

7. It Takes a Lot to Know a Man

It takes a lot to give
To ask for help
To be yourself
To know and love what you live with

8. Colour Me In

So come let me love you, come let me love you
And then… colour me in

9. Back To Her Man

There’s a look of hunger in a women with heat,
It’s enough to lift an old man from his knees.
Like the piece of a puzzle he’s been looking for,
He was leaning to dying, now he’s coming back for more.

10. Cold Water

Cold, cold water
Surrounds me now
And all I’ve got
Is your hand

11. Childish

I try my bestest, well as far the restest
Well it’s just stuff that comes out wrong, and gets misunderstood

I’m a dandy little dreamer, a doctored misdemeanour
A didactic destiny schemer, bare with me if you would

12. I Remember

I want you here tonight
I want you here
Nothing is taking me down, down, down


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